Dr. Shook-Woolley's officeDr. Shook-Woolley provides psychological services for adults. Listed below are some of the difficulties she commonly sees in her practice, and some of the goals toward which she will help you strive.

    • Depression – Develop the ability to recognize, accept, and cope with feelings of depression, and develop healthier thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world that lead to a reduction in depressive symptoms.
    • Stress overload – Alleviate your sense of time urgency, decrease your pressured and driven behaviors, and reach a balance between work and social time. Formulate and implement a new attitude toward life that allows for a more relaxed pattern of living.
    • Anxiety / social phobias – Learn to more effectively handle the full variety of life’s anxieties and associated symptoms (e.g., excessive and persistent worry, irritability, sleep difficulties, restlessness, muscle tension, autonomic hyperactivity). Learn to interact socially without excessive fear.
    • Couple issues – Develop the essential skills for effective & open communication and enjoyable time for companionship within the relationship. Learn to recognize your own role in relationship conflicts, and develop respect for your significant other. (In some cases, it may be necessary to accept termination of the relationship and begin rebuilding through separation or divorce.)
    • Grief and loss issues – Allow yourself time to appropriately grieve your loss so that you can begin the healing process.
    • Chronic pain – Regulate and find relief from physical pain and suffering, and maximize daily functioning. Build renewed contentment and joy in performing everyday activities.
    • Anger control issues – Shed light on origins of and alternatives to aggressive anger. Become more aware of angry emotions and more capable of handling them while developing better control and more serenity.